You’ve Said YES, Now What? • Events Rental Unlimited

You’ve Said YES, Now What? • Events Rental Unlimited

Engagement season is upon us. It ‘unofficially’ starts around Thanksgiving and goes through Valentine’s Day – we at ERU love it! If you said ‘YES!’ during this special time of year we offer our ‘Congratulations!’ We suspect at this point though you might be wondering…what happens now that I’m engaged?

Pulling a wedding together is all about the planning, and without the proper steps you could find yourself without some essentials or having to skip something important. Once you’ve set your wedding budget we recommend these ‘next steps’ to get you moving in the right direction!

If your wedding warrants it (and we think that 99% of the time it does), hire a planner! A wedding planner can really help pull your vision together. Unlike you, this is not their first wedding. A planner will know the pitfalls that await you and will help guide you through decisions you might not even know need to be made. Work with a planner that you’re compatible with personality-wise, and one with your same sense of style. Often times your wedding service vendors (like Event Rentals Unlimited) will have a list of ‘recommended’ planners for you to start with on your search for the perfect planning partner.

Usually one of the first items on a new bride-to-be’s agenda is setting a date for the big event. Of course this is worked out with the groom and family, but beyond that it’s wise to consider the season and the possible venue. Some venues will book faster than others due to popularity and seasonal availability. You may find that ancillary services like catering, rental companies like Event Rentals Unlimited, and even photographers will be easier to work into a schedule than the venue itself. We recommend identifying a few possible dates and then circle out to family, friends and then venues to make the final date selection.

Finding the right venue can be as much of a challenge as the fun you’ll have doing your research. After you have your date(s) selected start making calls to tour venues – make sure your dates are available and the budget aligns up front though. No need to waste time looking at something that is not available or out of your budget. Ideas will flow when looking at venues, and of course visit their websites both before and after your visit for photo examples of what your event could look like. Most venues will also have Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts that you can follow which will inspire you and keep you up to date on the latest trends during your planning process.

Companies like Event Rentals Unlimited in Atlanta and Birmingham provide event rentals for weddings year round – chairs, tables, dance floors, furniture, bars, china, glassware, flatware, linens, and more. They have extensive experience working will all possible planners, vendors and venues. A familiarity like theirs within the industry will prove invaluable to you. ERU will work with you or your planner for all the right touches including possible tent rental, something not all companies can provide.

All couples have different visions of what their wedding should look like, or what theme they wish for the ceremony and reception. For this the internet is your friend. Initially you’ll find the internet research a bit of a jumble, so utilize your choices based on venue and vendors – using them as baselines for narrowing your searches. These company websites will offer plenty of photos of real events and real products in the actual locations you’re considering. It’s great to dream big and see the exotic locales when planning a wedding, but make sure that the ideas you love are possible in the space you’ve chosen. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! As you come up with ideas start saving them, or pin them to a dedicated ‘My Wedding’ Pinterest board.

We hope these steps help to guide you, not all the way down the aisle, but at least to get you started! Planning a wedding is a fun journey and you’ll meet lots of new friends along the way. Use these new connections and listen to their expertise and you’ll have the best wedding possible!

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