Stephie and Jimmy’s wedding reception a one of Birmingham’s most acclaimed resturants was the perfect way to introduce guests to the magic city! Classic and crisp white with green and vintage silver accents was a beautiful blend of old and new. A few words from the bride about the big day…

Please tell us a little about your story / how you met / etc.
While in college at Ole Miss, a few of my childhood friends got to know Jimmy. Jimmy and I knew of each other, but weren’t formally introduced until we graduated. We both ended up moving to Washington, DC and again ran in the same circle of friends. After a few months, Jimmy asked me to dinner and we’ve been together ever since!

What was your vision for your wedding? Favorite detail?
I envisioned our wedding as a really special evening that our family and friends would enjoy. With Jimmy growing up in Richmond and the two of us now in DC, we had many guests who had never been to Birmingham. I wanted visitors to get a glimpse of the fabulous city Birmingham is and give locals a unique experience as well. I think Bottega did that by showing off one of the city’s best restaurants and providing the perfect backdrop for the evening. One of my favorite details was having my mom’s favorite silver pieces filled with flowers and scattered around Bottega. The restaurant looked gorgeous and those small, personal touches gave it an intimate feel.

What was your favorite part of the planning?
I always had fun planning the details of the reception, and picturing how it would look and feel. I could never have imagined how beautiful it would all turn out!  I have to say that wine tasting with my mom and sisters may have been my very favorite part of planning!

What was your most memorable part of the day?
During the ceremony, our minister, my godfather Billy Barnes, asked Jimmy and I to turn around and look out at the congregation. In that moment, Billy reminded us what the whole weekend was all about – Jimmy and I making a promise to each other and to God in front of all the people we love the most. 


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