Five Reasons Bridal Sessions are Important | Becky’s Brides

Five Reasons Bridal Sessions are Important | Becky’s Brides

Five Reasons Bridal Sessions are Important | Becky’s Brides

Like true southern women, we love to sit down with our brides and discuss having a bridal session early on in their planning. While bridal portraits are very traditional and becoming more uncommon, we still believe they are so important to have. Not only will these beautiful pictures be displayed at your reception, but they will help you immensely on your wedding day! We’re sharing the top five reasons why bridal sessions are important:


Bridal sessions are a complete run-through: Hair, make-up, your bouquet, your altered dress – all of these elements come together for your bridal portraits. This helps you see exactly what you’ll look like on your wedding day! Want to change your hair style? No problem. Need to tweak your bouquet? Can do! Your bridal session is your dress rehearsal before the big day!

Bridal sessions help you move comfortably in your dress: Let’s be honest, you’ve probably never worn such a heavy, long, big (or expensive) dress before so how can you be comfortable in it? During your bridal portraits you’ll be able to walk around in your dress for an extended period of time and get to know how it moves. This is so important when it comes to being comfortable on your wedding day!

Bridal sessions allows you to relax: Wedding days can unfortunately be highly stressful for some brides but we know that when our brides take portraits, they will be much more relaxed sitting in the make-up chair. It’s so important that you remain present on your wedding day and soak up every single minute. When you’ve had a trial run and you know what you’ll look like on your wedding day, those anxious nerves seem to go away.

Bridal sessions help your photographer: As a female, I’ll be the first to admit that I have the tendency to be very picky about my appearance in photos. That pickiness is only heightened on your wedding day which will probably be the most photographed day of your life. Taking bridal portraits helps your photographers understand how you feel the most beautiful! They’ll know which “side” is your favorite, which angles you don’t love, how to make you genuinely smile – all of which are so important on your wedding day!

Bridal sessions are timeless: These photos are something you (and your mama) will cherish for a lifetime. You’ll show your own daughters and granddaughters these pictures someday and you might even inspire them to do their own! Trust us, your parents will want to hang these up all over their house.


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