Engagement Photos… Not What They Used To Be!

Engagement Photos… Not What They Used To Be!

Engagement sessions have evolved into full-fledged fashion photo sessions for a lot of brides and grooms. An e-session is no longer just a nice, formal portrait for a newspaper announcement. Engagement sessions are best the way to create your first set of professional, gorgeous photographs while getting to know your photographer. This makes the photography for your wedding day so much more relaxed, especially if you aren’t the most comfortable having your photo made.

You will be spending your wedding day, start to finish, with your photographer(s). If you can bond before your big day, you will, without a doubt, have a higher number of better photographs. Your photographer will already know your best angles, you’ll know his/her personal style and you’ll both know what works best to make you comfortable and achieve the most natural photos.

An e-session is also great for the future. It’s the perfect opportunity to document who you are at this amazing time in your lives. It’s magic. Your kids should see it. Your grandkids should see it.

Show them the college campus where you fell in love or the park where you had your first kiss. A lot of couples also opt for a creative location that showcases their chemistry together–a farm, a football stadium, a favorite landmark, a park in full spring bloom or autumn color. And bring along things that matter to you: a guitar if you play, the dog if you have one, or your car to incorporate into the photo session. Don’t you love old photos of your relatives with those cool vintage cars?

You can also use those photos. Show them off on Facebook. Use them for Save-the-Date cards or holiday cards. Enlarge one and add a signing matte at your reception, or turn them into a gorgeous photo guestbook with alternating pages of photos and guest sign-in lines. The photo possibilities are endless.

by Kelli Taylor, Daniel Taylor Photography

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