Stormy skies often mean some dramatic photos

Stormy skies often mean some dramatic photos

There is an old saying that rain on your wedding day means good luck. If that’s true, there have been quite a few lucky couples this year. A rainy sky doesn’t have to be a bad thing for the ceremony either. Trenekia and Brandon, both serving our country in the US Airforce, were recently married at the Summit Club high above downtown Birmingham. It was a typical summer day in the South – hot and steamy with afternoon thundershowers.

Because of the great view from the Summit Club, thirty-two stories up, the spectacular clouds were a perfect backdrop. In some of these photos of Trenekia you can see the rainstorm approaching from behind. It just lends more emphasis to her already strong presence and personality.

Later, as the sun was going down, the beautiful sky was the perfect setting for some romantic photos on the balcony.

Trenekia and Brandon are a great couple and it was our honor to help create the photographs that are destined to be their family heirlooms.

by: Butch Oglesby of Blue Moon Studios

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